These are the things I’ve done with my own limited budget of part time work and clothing sales. It’s hard— it’s lots of ramen, rarely venturing out beyond business trips, and generally scrimping and saving. I’d change none of that for the world but to make this next stage happen, I could -really- use some help. You see, I know I could design crazy over the top gowns and menswear and it could be nuts pretty— this isn’t a cocky satement it’s a knowing what I can do. I know how to block custom top hats, make crazy crinolines and generally create insane things that you’d see on Haute Couture runways. But those things take money. Lots of money.

But I”m never the one to ask for everything without giving something in return, so I’ve offered a great deal many things for those who help. So— thank you all for your forever support as I live my dreams, and if you can help with this (or even just share with your social networks) it’d mean SO muchto me. Like crazy amounts.


1: Clothing and model, myself. Photograher: dugfinn
2: Clothing and model: Myself. Photographer: far sight imaging
3: clothing and model: Myself. Photographer: ALP photography
4: Clothing: myself Photographer: Fotomatters. Model: Madison Hart
5: clothing: Myself Photographer: Fotomatters. Model: Courtney Stewart
6: clothing: myself Accessories: Evil Pastry Studios. Model :Hope Smith photographer: Julia Elizabeth

As always, I love you guys.

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    You had better be wearing this at DragonCon. I’m going to be Mackelmore-ing my suit to the Thursday night SCF meet and...
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    Giiiiiiiirl! People should help fund my awesome friend because she’s awesome and you get THINGS.
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    tchu… her work is aaamaaaziiinnnng~
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    Dude! Help my friend Jessie fund a new line! Oh, and send her suggestions that I should be one of her male models ;)
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